iffTeX Grammar Checker

iffTeX allows to easily edit LaTeX documents like papers, posters and others, online and with different collaborators. It already features a spell checker that helps to spot misspelled words and highlights them.

However, the spell checker is limited to individual words. This problem is solved by the new grammar and language checker which is able to detect much more complicated errors, like punctuation or commonly confused words. The spell checking is performed with the help of TeXtidote. This tool is designed to parse LaTeX files and therefore can perform additional sanity checks on them, for example by making sure that every figure is referenced in the text.

To check your iffTeX project simply open the menu and select "Grammar Check". There you can configure:

  • which document should be the starting point of the analysis,
  • the document's language,
  • the author's native language, so that TeXtidote can check for typical false friends, and
  • select whether the dictionary stored in your iffTeX account should be taken into account.

Perform a Check

Perform a grammar check to generate a report

Save the report

The HTML report can either be downloaded or opened in a new browser window

Extend the dictionary

Add unknown but correct words to your dictionary to remove them from the spell checking errors