Slurm FAQ: https://pgi-jcns.fz-juelich.de/pages/slurm.html#faq

How can I add a printer for Wi-Fi printing?

You can use the following URL to access any public printer at PGI/JCNS from a Wi-Fi connection:


For more information see... https://iffmd.fz-juelich.de/wJPCTEzGR_GnIVePG-NCIA

Is it possible to include LaTeX formulas in a Mayavi plot?

Mayavi does not support LaTeX math formulas directly but we over a python module which draws LaTeX output as a Mayavi color map. Have a look at Topics → Using LaTeX formulas in Mayavi (Python).

How can I upload files to iffcloud from a terminal?

For synchronizing data with cloud storage, you can use the rclone command:

  1. Create a new rclone configuration:

    rclone config
    n  # n) New remote

    Configure rclone to use iffcloud:

    Question Value
    name iffcloud
    storage 33 / webdav
    url https://iffcloud.fz-juelich.de/remote.php/webdav/
    vendor 1 / nextcloud
    User name Linux user name
    Password y / type in my own password -> Linux password
    bearer_token <empty>
    Edit advanced config n
  2. Upload a directory to the cloud:

    rclone copy <source-directory> iffcloud:<target-directory>

    Source and target directory can be swapped to sync from the iffcloud to the local storage.

    If you would like to make source and target identical (potentially deleting files on the target) use rclone sync instead.

  3. (Optional) Visit https://iffcloud.fz-juelich.de/ and share the uploaded data.