The team Scientific IT Systems is part of the department of Technical and Administrative Infrastructure (PGI/JCNS-TA). The staff supports researchers at Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI), Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) and Institute of Complex Systems (ICS) with IT-technical problems and both plan and operate highly available server and storage systems for the HPC-Cluster and scientific desktop computers. Also part of the core tasks are optimization of programs for special processor architectures and the development of dedicated controlling and visualization systems for experiment and process data processing.

Fields of Activity

  • Strategic Planning
    • HPC systems / compute servers / storage systems
    • System integration / virtualization solutions
  • Cluster Middleware
    • Optimization of application programs for parallel processing using MPI or OpenMP
    • Optimization of programs for multi-core or GPU environments
  • Process Data Processing
    • Design, development and implementation of hard- and software components for acquisition, transfer and processing of data in scientific environments
    • Development of visualization systems for real-time environments and applications with sophisticated requirements for 3D graphics
    • Development of device drivers for instruments
    • Development of control system software and graphical user interfaces
  • Common System Development
    • Creation of Web applications for the script-based generation of homepages for the Forschungszentrum Jülich internet portal
    • Web based database applications
  • Education
    • Mentoring of trainees (Bachelor of Science course Scientific Programming, linked with a Mathematical-technical Software Developer training)
    • Mentoring of students (Master of Science course Techno-mathematics)
    • Mentoring of term papers, Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • Advisory Service
    • for problems related to UNIX-based Operating Systems (Linux,OS X) and software components
    • for acquisition of PCs, laptops, printers and hardware for controlling scientific instruments
    • for questions regarding data evaluation, numerical applications and mathematical libraries
    • for questions regarding the LaTeX typesetting system
    • for problems in image processing
    • for adapting existing software to use the standard libraries available on campus
  • Network Management
    • Point of contact for matters related to the network infrastructure and IT-security (in collaboration with the respective external departments)
  • User Management
    • Administration of accounts and resources for employees and guests for the compute clusters


Josef Heinen: Server systems, Realtime Data Processing, Visualization systems

Elmar Westphal: HPC systems, GPU-Programming

Dorothea Henkel: User management, Web applications, GUI-Programming (PyQt)

Markus Consoir: Server systems, desktop and mobile device management

Florian Rhiem: OpenGL- and WebGL-Programming

Ingo Heimbach: GUI- and Graphics-Programming (wxWidgets)

Daniel Kaiser: C-, Python- and Web-Programming

Jonas Clever: C-, Java- and Python-Programming

Malte Deckers: C-, Java- and Python-Programming

Jonas Ritz: C-, Java- and Python-Programming

Frederik Peters: Java- and Python-Programming

Tobias Ferrari: Java- and Python-Programming

Thomas Verbovsek: Java- and Python-Programming

Ole Köpke: Java- and Python-Programming

Kim Nguyen: Java- and Python-Programming

Maximilian Heuwes: Java- and Python-Programming

Jonas Mölle: Java- and Python-Programming