Collaborative creation of scientific text documents with iffMD

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iffMD is an innovative new tool for collaboration provided by the Scientific IT-Systems group of the technical and administrative infrastructure of the Peter Grünberg Institute and the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science. After thorough testing and evaluation in these institutes, we are now making this web service available to the entire campus.

Markdown is a simple, machine-readable markup language for structuring and formatting texts. Markdown is often used to write meeting notes, to format readme files, to write messages in online discussion forums, and to create rich text using plain text.


iffMD allows you to create markdown notes with your colleagues in real-time, with a wide variety of extensions to include tables, todo lists, diagrams, videos and more in your documents.

You can find a list of features on iffMD.


As the service has been fully integrated into iffLogin, the single-sign-on service of PGI / JCNS, which manages access to various web services such as iffTeX. Users from other institutes who have not used iffTeX before will first need to activate their account. This can be done informally by a request in the chat or by email.

Getting started

Sharing Documents

It is possible to change the access permission to a note through the menu on the top right of the view.

Permission Dialog

These permission levels determine which users can read or write the note, according to this table:

Owner Signed-in Guests
Read Write Read Write Read Write

Note: Only the owner of the note can change the note's permissions.