On Thursday, March 15th 2018, our cloud server (iffcloud.fz-juelich.de) has been updated (13.0.1).

  • Collaboration features
    • Collabora Online (The powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite, that enables you to access documents online, author new content and work collaboratively.)
    • Nextcloud Talk, a private videoconference software integrated with Nextcloud
    • real-time and asynchronous communication with push notifications, calls and chat web and mobile devices
    • Integration in business workflow with calendar invitations and calls directly from Nextcloud Files
    • Screen and note sharing with participant moderation capabilities
    • Deck (Deck is a kanban style organization tool aimed at personal planning and project organization for teams integrated with Nextcloud.)
    • Circles (Circles allows your users to create their own groups of users/colleagues/friends. Those groups of users (or circles) can then be used by any other app for sharing purpose (files, social feed, status update, messaging,...)
    • Calendar
    • Contacts
    • Notes
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